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What is it that takes your tension away with a small puff of smoke, gives you a sense of joy of having achieved something or the feeling of a small vacation in between your hectic work schedule. Yes Cigarette it is. The joys of smoking cigarette are not unknown to the one who has taken the first whiff. Some people fondly remember their first stolen puff as their first forbidden pleasure. Itaˆ™s like the first stolen kiss from a girl. Once you get a taste of that, nothing can ever stop you from having it all. Some adolescents saw their father or uncle smoking and wanted to try it out while some started at the coaxing of their friends. More than the pleasure of smoking it was the forbidden pleasure of doing something that they werenaˆ™t supposed to do. It was a self-satisfying adventure.

Once you grow up its different though. We relate to cigarette smoking as a way of expressing ourselves or giving us a excuse to relax. A cigarette is a sort of reward that we promise ourselves at the end of some intense work. It freshens you up and lightens your mood. The cigarette is like a stick of time that some people use to measure tag cloud
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by. When you are waiting for someone and have nothing to do you find it best to light up a cigarette to spend the time. It is also a good companion when you are lonely. It is not the taste that counts in a cigarette, but it is the sense of satisfaction that you get from it.

The word Cigarette is a French word for Cigar, which in turn comes from a Spanish/Portuguese word cigarro. Tobacco was first brought to Europe, the then civilized society, by Christopher Columbusaˆ™s crew members. The rest, as we call it, is history.

Smoking Cigarette or Cigar gives us both psychological pleasure and physiological satisfaction. A mode of relaxation that it is, what could be even better than to have cheap cigars and cigarettes at your doorsteps without having to take the trouble of getting it from the market, that too at a better price. If you are looking for that rare brand of your favourite Cigarette or Cigar you no longer have to go the market for it. You can just get them delivered to your house. Cigarette costs are now on the rise following the Governmentaˆ™s decision to levy tax on them, but you can cast your worries, when getting cheap cigarettes online are just a click away. A pack of cigarettes price depends on the state you buy it from, but if you buy it online, you can evade the tax that is levied on it.

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