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Camel is one of those several brands that are well-known globally and are considered to be any universal quality standard. Richard Joshua Reynolds is the founder of the Camel trademark and the R.J. Reynolds Cigarettes Company (RJR); he occurred in history not only being a successful businessman, but in addition as a talented internet marketer. The son in the Virginian planter he was the first person to label every package of his gnawing tobacco with decorative and catchy logos. In the beginning of 1913 RJR marketed 4 cigarette manufacturers at once and Camel had been one of them. The companies planned the Camel's look and taste to evoke the intimate spirit of the Midst East among the Us citizens.

The very blend of the dark tart Turkish tobaccos as well as the light Virginian ones matched smokers' tastes. And this revolutionary receipt went down of all time as "American Blend" and became the entire world standard for the whole cigarettes industry. Reynolds staked with Camel having spent the lion's share of his advertising money on its campaign to introduce a new hero - 'Old Joe', an Arabian camel from the famous "Barnum along with Bailey Circus". Eventually Old Person became the most popular dog ever.

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Before the firm started selling these kind of new cigarettes, many people published the very same "teasers" in newspapers of 88 American cities. Can be it was a picture from the ship of the wilderness accompanied by the message "CAMELS", the very next day the text was broadened to "the Camels are forthcoming!" and on the third time the readers were informed about the fact that "Tomorrow it will have more Camels in this village than in all Asian countries and Africa combined". Last but not least, on the fourth time the fascinated public was informed of which "camel filters are the following!" The warmed up market rushed to buy cigarettes. Another way of cig promotion was publicizing through outdoor advertising inside crowded places. For that reason in the first year the organization sold 425 million Camel smoking cigarettes and in six years, in 1921, half of this American smokers had been buying only Camel. Nor before nor after that campaign did other brand manage to arrive at the top so fast.

Inside the 20's women appeared within the Camel advertisements for the first time. Several Hollywood starts reviewed Camel, and politicians kept up with them. During the Conflict Camel positioned itself because cigarettes for troopers, reminding them in relation to home and merging their patriotism. But in the particular 50's the brand was carefully guided by traditional values - mainly it absolutely was material welfare. Throughout 1999 RJR sold Camel model to Japan Cigarette.

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