Cheap Cigarettes and Quality Factor


People have been buying cheap priced cigarettes following the recent hike in taxes. It is not anymore a taboo for anyone who smokes. Now, the branded cigarettes will surely burn a hole in one's pocket, and everyone wishes those care-free tax-free times were back. Of late, online sale of cheap cigarettes given away at discounted prices has come to the rescue of smokers. Even though they are selling at cheap prices these websites are still making profits that run to millions. The usual reservations regarding the freshness of tobacco cigarettes and the confidentiality of your personal details have been taken over by the originality and genuineness of crispy cigarette packets that are delivered to smokers.

Strict adherence to privacy policies, keeping to tax and age related legalities and secure transaction are some of the factors that has made online cheap cigarette sellers popular. How cheap do you think are these cigarettes? It may sound surprising to you that buying some cheap cigarettes online can save a person almost 1/3rd of the original cost in most states. Some of the smokers will save a huge sum when they are buying in bulk. If you had to pay $40-45 per carton to get some branded cigarettes tag cloud
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earlier, that is not the case now. These discounted cigarettes can be availed of at 25 dollars or less. Buying cheap cigarettes in bulk from the dealers also has another advantage; you will never run out of stock which, otherwise, may happen during some unfortunate times.

When buying cheap cigarettes one needs to consider the price/quality ratio as well. Let us begin by answering this question. Where can a smoker get menthol flavoured tobacco cigarettes fresh and cheap? Of course smokers would be satisfied with their neighbourhood cigarette store. Wait and think for a minute, all types of consumables stale over time, if kept for prolonged periods on the shelf. But what can happen to low taxed cigarettes received through online cheap cigarettes shops? These smokers will have the tendency to buy more of that in bulk which otherwise can save them a mini fortune in both ways. The high frequency in the movement of this kind of cheap priced cigarettes emphasizes three very critical points about quality. One is that buying discounted cigarettes is really cheap and the stocks would be more frequently replenished than in an offline shop in your place.

Another aspect to be noticed is that higher the sales, stronger would be the smokers' acceptance of cheap cigarettes. So how can we compare these cheap tobacco cigarettes against those bought from some shops in your locality with regard to price/quality ratio? Let us assume that the quality levels of cheap cigarettes purchased online can be treated as on par with cigarettes bought from some neighbourhood retail shop. In actual fact, during the bargain, you would have paid less money for cigarette carton/stick bought online. The price/quality ratio' factor comes under scrutiny only if the consignment does not get delivered in good shape or within the agreed period of time.