Cheap Cigarettes - Nat Sherman Review


The early 1920's witnessed the dawn of a new brand of cigarettes that very soon became a mania for smokers. Nat Sherman was the brand that was initially started in the New York City. The brand now produces a variety of cigarettes that are very popular amongst people.
Nat Sherman is a very popular brand that is known for the high quality of cigarettes that it produces. Ranging from strength variation to flavors and variety in filters; everything is unique about this brand. The various royal cigarettes that this brand produce include Classic cigarettes, Classic blue cigarettes, Classic menthol cigarettes, New York cut menthol cigarettes, Black and gold cigarettes, MCD and a couple more. However, amongst all the types produced; the Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarette is a great option for the smokers.
Fantasia comes in a royal package that is golden in color and it contains colorful cigarettes. The colorful cigarettes are actually an outcome of using colorful papers in order to bind the tobacco and roll it up. This sometimes leads to a mis-conception that the smoke will change colors according to the color of the paper used to wrap the tobacco. The smoke however does not change color either ways. These cigarettes are lights which mean that they contain reduced levels of harmful substances like tar and nicotine.
These royal and sophisticated cigarettes look funky. Other than their funky look; they offer complete satisfaction to the smokers and tag cloud
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their charcoal filters keeps a keen check of the health status as well. These filters are high quality filters that allow a lot of fresh air to mix with every puff. This is the second reason that these cigarettes are a trend amongst people. Fantasia offers high cavity charcoal filter that is golden in color. The color of the filter remains the same unlike the color of the wrapper used to bind the tobacco.
The tobacco used in order to make Fantasia is one of the finest qualities of tobacco and thus, its taste lingers for long, after every single puff taken. It is always a good option to grab an online deal, as various websites offer free shipping alongside discounts and other saving options. However, the price of these cool, funky and royal cigarettes vary from website to website and carton to carton. Thus, it is not easy to finalize the best deal amongst so many options available. Usually a single carton contains 5 packs of fantasia and a single pack contains 20 cigarettes. Thus there are 100 cigarettes per carton.
Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarettes are truly unique. Style, class and great taste, these cigarettes are a true voyage into a world of luxury. Sold in a beautiful gold box with brightly colored lettering, each cigarette is wrapped in brightly colored pink, green, yellow, blue or red, wrapper with a gold filter tip that adds a touch of class. Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarettes are crafted in fine tradition. Each cigarette has the Nat Sherman trademark of containing 100% pure and natural tobacco with no chemicals or additives used. This makes for a wonderful smoking experience like no other.
These extra-long cigarettes are 101mm in length with a smooth even burn that lasts longer than an average cigarette. When you light up, you can feel the aura of elegance and sophistication that surrounds you. You are a discriminating smoke, who knows a quality cigarette when you see it; that is why you choose the Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarette for your premium smoke. For a light and enchanting smoke, these are no doubt the very best for your money