Electric Cigarettes - A Review


Are you a smoker looking for means to quit? So was I. I was a chain smoker who had tried the gum and the patch with the aim to quit. However, nothing worked. Finally I came across the electric cigarettes also known as e cigarettes. They were so effective that I decided that I will write an 'Electric Cigarette Review'.

I had been smoking around a packet of cigarettes a day for 5 years. There were many instances when I decided to quit. At first I just tried to stop smoking by myself with out using any replacements. Well that obviously did not work. I was way too addicted to smoking for it to be so easy to quit. Then I tried the tobacco patch. At first it seemed to be working but then it started irritating my skin. Whenever I would apply the patch, within no time that part of the skin would start itching. Next I tried the gum. Well I must tell you that the gum tastes pathetic. I just could not stand the taste and got back to smoking in no time.

I actually had half a mind to give up on trying quitting. Just then I read about these electric tag cloud
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cigarettes. I was a little skeptical about using them as I thought that they did not seem like they could actually make a difference. They looked like these toy cigarettes and rather seemed like a product to mock the smokers. Then when I did a little more research and read about how they work I was pretty tempted to try them. These cigarettes basically consist of a cartridge. This cartridge is to be filled with water, nicotine and flavors of your choice. The nicotine cartridge is then to be screwed in to a battery cartridge. The batteries are rechargeable. When the user inhales, the atomizer which is powered by the battery vaporizes some of the liquid. This gives the user a hit within seconds. The e cigarette also gives the feel of a real cigarette as it emits artificial smoke. This smoke doesn't contain any carcinogens so it is not harmful to the user and the people around. I purchased one electric cigarette online. It came with a one-year warranty. I started using it and found it to be very effective. Not only do they give you the feel of a real cigarette but also are available with a variety of flavors. I tried various brands and found that the effectiveness of these cigarettes varies from brand to brand. Make sure that you do not purchase the China made e cigarettes just because they are very cheap. They can be harmful.

The initial price of these electric cigarettes is pretty high but they turn out to be much cheaper in the long run. On an average one electric cigarette cartridge lasts as long as a packet of cigarettes. I hope after reading my electric cigarette review even you wish to try the e cigarette. Try it it's worth the shot.