Selling of Jewellery, Cigarettes, Alcohol Etc. At Duty Free Outlets


There are certain shops and outlets, which are exempt from payment of local and national taxes and duties. These are termed as Duty Free Shop. These are normally located at the international airports, seaports, at the border of two countries and occasionally within the city limits. The target customers are the travelers who will be taking the items out of the country. Sometimes the duty free items are sold on board in airplanes and ships. The idea of Tax Free Shopping arises from the idea that any good that is exported calls for certain tax exemption or refund. Passengers traveling by air or sea are allowed tax exemption up to a certain limit of purchase only. The purchased items are supposed to be consumed at the destination country only and they are normally sold after the security check is done. So no further security hassles are there.

There are large no of shops selling sophisticated items from chocolates, toys to alcohol at the international airports all over the world. Some countries like Australia, India, Brazil etc allow duty free purchase for incoming passengers also. The goods can be purchased from these Free Tax Shops just before the customs so that the passengers don't have carry items all along and can avoid the formalities of security checks. But for transit passengers it may be risky to use this facility as tag cloud
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goods bought duty free at the transit station may be confiscated by the security at the exit station. The items that are mostly available in these stores include gift items, jewellery, shoes, travel kits, perfumes, alcohol, medicine and tobacco products.

One of the most popular methods to restrict tobacco products consumption is put them in high tax brackets. It is proven fact now that tobacco is injurious to health. All countries are trying to put restrictions on tobacco consumption. In that case to sell Cheap Cigarettes Online etc through Duty Free Shop goes against this idea. Over and above these duty free items like jewellery, cigarette etc can be purchased on line also. It is difficult to realize how these items can be sold at such cheap rates. Actually it works as publicity and advertisement for items sold at airports or seaports to high-level travelers. Plus the companies selling these items are not losing money as only the duty or tax part is exempted and due to that the sales are high. The products get internationally known as they are consumed abroad.

In case of on line purchase the customer has to take extreme care as these are done through credit cards. Since goods are taken out of the country of purchase one has to be extra careful about the quality and shelf life of the goods purchased. Credit card details also should not be divulged to any one other than encrypted sites. Through this method of duty free selling at the air and sea ports the image of the country's product is projected abroad which otherwise would require expensive marketing efforts, foreign travels etc. But care must also be taken so that inferior quality items are not on sale, which may jeopardize export possibilities of the producing country. So license for duty free shops are to be given by every country very judiciously so that the country's image is not lowered in the eyes of other countries where the goods will be consumed.