The health disadvantages of buying cheap cigarettes


Millions of people every day strike a match or use their thumbs to produce a flame from their lighters to light their cigarettes. A common theory regarding why people smoke cigarettes is that it helps them too clam their nerves. While many people who buy name brand or cheap cigarettes have associated themselves and used the aˆ?smoking helps to calm my nervesaˆ? theory as answer for when someone asks them the reason why they smoke, there is no medical evidence to support this theory. However, tons of medical evidences support how smoking cigarettes can lead to cancer and many other health related complications. Cigarettes contain a highly addictive chemical that is called Nicotine, this chemical alters your brain chemistry induces euphoria. Therefore because euphoria is a brain chemical that is responsible for our feelings of happiness, calmness and joy once you have become addicted to smoking cigarettes it is extremely hard to stop because your body has become Nicotine dependent.

Furthermore this is why when addicted cigarette smokers don't have nicotine in their system for a period of time; their mood changes and they become irritable, quick tempered, aggravated and will do anything to obtain another cigarette. tag cloud
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Did you know that each cigarette contains nineteen cancer causing chemical and that tobacco and nicotine is the most deadly? The reason nicotine and tobacco are the most deadly chemicals is because not only do they affect your mentally but also physically, tobacco alone is the main cause of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, COPD, heart attacks, strokes and mouth cancer. The nicotine that is found in tobacco is not just a addictive psychoactive chemical but it also acts as a stimulant, which means cigarette smokers tend to have a lower or higher body temperature than nonsmokers. Therefore every time a cigarette smoker buy cigarettes and smokes them, they shorten their lifespan by twelve minute for each cigarette they smoke.

Second hand cigarette smoking is a medical term that refers to the health complication which cigarettes smoke can produce in those that don't smoke cigarettes. Second hand smoking is classified in two categories that are known as Side stream & Main Stream smoking. Side stream smoking is more dangerous because the increase in cancer causing chemicals that are produced when cigarettes are smoked, are much smaller which results in the easy absorption into the body's cellular structure. Therefore if a nonsmoker is exposed to cigarette smoke for an extended period of time they are at risk for developing respiratory cancers, infection and cardiovascular diseases. Scientific research has proven that even the slightest exposure to cigarette smoke may cause health complication later on in life. For this reason people that order cigarettes online are prohibited by law from smoking them in a public restaurant. Unfortunately as long as there are places to purchase cigarettes from such as at online cigarette retailors, smoke related health complications will always be present.