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Virginia Cigarettes, soft taste & special pack design especially for Special Women!

Virginiais a smoking brand manufactured by Philip Morris, the United States tobacco division of Altria Group, Inc. This brand for the first time appeared on shelves in 1968, and was marketed especially for young women.

Not only the taste is soft and mild like a woman is but even the brand name is feminine, because as it is known Virginia is a feminine name. "Virginia" is a feminine form of the Roman family name Virginias which is of not known meaning, but linked with Latin Virgo "maiden, virgin". According to a popular legend, it was the name of a Roman woman which was killed by her father so as to protect and save her from the grasps of a crosier official.

The name of this brand has a very interesting history. So, because Virginia was the name of the first English baby which was born in the New World: Virginia Dare in 1587 on Roanoke Island. Possible tag cloud
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because of this, the name has become more popular in America. However, Virginia Cigarettes became famous not only in USA but all over the World, because of their high tobacco quality which can be found in every cigarette.

Virginia Super Slims cigarettes are considered special because of their length which gives an elegant and pleasant look. Be Elegant & Special with Virginia Cigs!

The pack design of this special brand is also very elegant. On a white background were placed colored stripes vertically on the left side. As it is known white color symbolizes a virgin and purity, in one word it symbolizes Woman.

Our online cigarettes store gives you the possibility to try the five flavors of Virginia Cigarettes: Virginia Premium Blue, Virginia Premium One, Virginia UNO Black, Virginia UNO White, and Virginia Premium.

Virginia cigarettes can also be easily distinguished through their dainty and elegance packing. It is a combination where the white color prevails over colored stripes that run across the package.

It proves the delicate sense of "Virginia" cigarettes. The refined design and flavor of this smoking product will find its place in every woman's heart.

This brand is born to be near every lady. Make yourself different and taste the cigarettes that made the world change in one moment. Become a real lady.

These discount cigarettes can be ordered from the following variety: Virginia Slims UNO, Virginia Premium One and Virginia Premium.

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