Cigarette Filters


No points for guessing, cigarette filters are made to reduce harms from tar and nicotine. We can hardly talk about the efficiencies of cigarette filters without first knowing the types of them and why are they chosen differently by different brands. Cigarettes, whether you bought them at superstore or from a neighborhood cheap cigarettes shop or a sale, remember the fact type of filters not withstanding, smoking cigarettes is always a cause of health hazards.

Regardless of smokers, cheap cigarettes or discount cigarettes, filters mean just the ends of cigarettes to quite a few of them. It is only those that are informed at least basically, might recognize filters as some sort of filtering unit that removes the dangerous nicotine and tar out of their enjoyment. Yes, they are right. It is the same to those who buy at sale or cheap cigarettes online at discount prices? It is all the same, the point is regardless of the type of filters, they all let an amount of hazard pass through, don't you think Brands like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims, Salem, tag cloud
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Menthol, lm would make their cigarettes in two ways, say cheap Marlboro with inefficient filters and others with different efficiency? However, the hard reality is smokers at large don't know whether cigarette filters actually do what they promise they do. Sale Price on Discount Cigarettes and Hazards

Cheap cigarettes and discount cigarettes are being targeted by makers of competing brands and health workers that cheap cigarettes online, discount cigarettes bought at a sale are more hazardous but studies and analyses prove, contrarily, that quality claims and filters of premium brands, like Marlboro cigarettes, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims, Salem, Menthol, lm, find no scientific grounds as they release equal quantities of nicotine and tar as does any cheap cigarettes online or a cheap Marlboro does. You must have noticed that all of them have similar looking filter-tips. A study concludes tantalizingly critically, "there is no appreciable difference in the lipid and hormonal effects of filter and non-filter cigarettes". This discovery puts premium cigarettes, including the likes of cheap Marlboro cigarettes on par with cheap cigarettes bought at sale. Types of Filters for Cigarettes

Cigarette filters are manufactured under five different types

1. Uniform

2. Tandem

3. Sandwich

4. Mixed

5. Ventilated

Technical Issues of Cigarette Filters

Traditionally, it is the tows of cellulose ester fibers that form the majority of cigarette filters. Basically because the cellulose ester fibers maintain the rod shape made using a solvent, triacetin to make it convenient to be processed in cigarette rolling machines. The non biodegrading nature of cellulose ester fibers is an environmental hazard. Several plasticizing agents go into coating or impregnating cellulose acetate fibers of cigarette filters.